Rediscover Your Love for the 90s with These 10 Fantastic Throwbacks

When you reflect on your childhood, what do you remember most? Redditor u/agentMICHAELscarnTLM asked, “What's something you can bring up right now to unlock some childhood nostalgia for the rest of us?”

The internet responded, and these were the top-voted responses.

Redditor mayhemy11 stated, “Watching the Price Is Right when you were sick at home.”

The Price is Right – 5.7K

PutinTheChimp added, “Now that made me think of the chocolate-smelling calculators.” Other mentions included Foohey Monkey Head erasers, Smencils, scented highlighters, and fruit stickers.

Fake Strawberry Erasers – 7.2K

Mickthemouse answered, “When you'd watch a VHS, and it would say, And now your feature presentation.” Reddit user kame4prez added, “COMING SOON TO OWN ON VIDEO AND DVD.”

VHS – 8.5K

YodasChick-O-Stick stated, “The stupid candy manufacturers used elastic strings that tasted so bitter. The candy tasted nice, but you couldn't eat it without licking the string.”

Candy Necklaces – 11.9K

High_Jumper81 added, “We got the paper catalog the week before the Bookmobile showed up. Finally, each class had time to go in— a wonder in our small town.”

Scholastic Book Fairs – 13.7K

Another user, helltothenoyo, answered, “Waking up super early on Saturday morning before the rest of the family to watch cartoons.” Emcees exclaimed, “With a GIANT bowl of cereal!”

Saturday Morning Cartoons – 14.7K

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