Fashion’s Next Big Trend? NFTs You Can Wear

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, had a viral year of success in 2021, and now, a few months into 2022, there’s at least one trend that seems like it’s on track to last: wearable NFTs. 

While the idea of wearing a digital token may seem mind-boggling, many big names have launched crypto fashion collections that are selling for millions of dollars. 

From augmented reality (AR) fashion to digital avatar fashion to physical NFT jewelry, as the world of NFTs grows, so do the possibilities of displaying those NFTs and flexing on your peers—on and offline. 

With technology powered by blockchain, users can digitally “wear” these unique assets in virtual worlds. NFTs generally also continue to rise in value, even when other crypto markets tumbled earlier this year. 

Currently, the total number of Google searches for “NFT fashion” has increased by 7900% in the last two years. 

All in all, these are solid signs for NFT fashionistas and the major luxury brands who have invested in the NFT hype. 


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