40 Fast Food Items from Around the Globe

You may not be able to travel the globe right now, but you can bring the flavors of the world into your house. 

Since the pandemic started, half of Americans are eating at home more often. Spice up your meals with inspiration from these 40 fast food items from around the globe.

Translating to sausage bread, this fast-food sandwich is commonly sold by roadside pop-up carts. Made with a french baguette-style mini roll and chorizo sausage, it's served with a variety of toppings like onions, cheese, and a herb vinaigrette sauce.

Argentina’s Choripan

This burger “with the lot” is made of local minced beef, pickled beetroot, sliced pineapple, and other familiar toppings, like ketchup lettuce, tomato, and onion. It used to be on McDonald’s menu as the McOz but today is found in cafes, pubs, and restaurants across the county.

Australia’s Hamburger with Beetroot

Made from local sea snails and combined with onions, tomatoes, celery, bell peppers, and spicy Caribbean seasoning, these hushpuppy-like bites are fried until golden brown. The national food of the Bahamas can be found everywhere from roadside stands, casual restaurants, and even luxury hotel dining rooms.

The Bahamas’ Conch Fritters

Despite its common name, French Fries, many believe that this worldwide favorite originated in Belgium. They are a daily staple sold in ‘friteries' and practically every restaurant. Take your pick of dipping sauces from the usual ketchup, and mayo or international remixes like garlic aioli, curry ketchup, and mayonnaise with Tunisian chili.

Belgium's Pomme Frites

The national dish consists of a 10-piece of grilled minced meat sausages seasoned with simple spices and served on flatbread. They are typically accompanied by onions, sour cream, and ajvar – an eggplant and red pepper condiment.

Bosnia & Herzegovina's Ćevapi