The Ultimate Escapism:

These Video Games Will Have You Hooked All Over Again

Some games are just so good that fans wish they could play them for the first time all over again. Twitter user @LexiDarkk asked fellow gamers, “What's the game that you would erase your memory for and play like it's the first time?”

@LexiDarkk answered their own question with, “I don't need to do that, I literally remember nothing.” Other gamers replied to @LexiDarkk in the thread with their all-time favorites.

Bioshock Infinite

@MollyDaTrolley answered, “HMMMMMM Bioshock infinite. I would’ve said Bioshock 1 but the twist was more obvious than infinite. When it was revealed in infinite it blew my tiny mind and I had to turn it off.”

Horizon Zero Dawn

@elhaime responded, “I'd love to forget Horizon Zero Dawn and experience that story again for the 1st time, I simply loved it and was so surprised.”

Silent Hill 2 or The Cat Lady

@ConorMODonovan added, “Either Silent Hill 2 or The Cat Lady. I can't think of many other games where the narrative had such an effect on me.”


“Nothing like playing for the first time and trying to open a door just to get spooked by an invisible bug on the wall that you didn't know was a thing and squashed like a grape.”

Witcher 3 and Elden Ring

@Huggable Hipster shared, “Ooof that’s tough. Probably Sekiro. That was such a special experience.”


@KryzKyle answered, “Most recently that'd have to be Subnautica. The fear of the unknown and mystery of the planet was so much fun.”

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