of the Best Female HxH Characters 



Krueger Biscuit

Krueger Biscuit is an exceptional teacher of Nen. She is able to not only identify and teach someone how to use their new ability but also how to control and utilize it effectively in battle.

Murasaki Shizuku

Murasaki Shizuku is one of the most popular female characters in the anime Hunter x Hunter. She is known for her idiocy and her general cluelessness about everything.




Canary is a character in the anime and manga series Hunter x Hunter. She is one of the servants of the Zoldyck family, and she has a close bond with them.

Palm Siberia

Palm Siberia is one of the most memorable characters in the show because of her connections with Gon



Ponzu is an additional test subject who just so happened to be present for the Hunter Exam. She is among the most notable female characters on the program.



Nostrade Neon

Nostrade Neon is the daughter of the infamous boss of Nostrade and has a lot of power. She is very shrewd for her age and knows how to get what she wants. 



Piyon is a Paleographer Hunter and part of the Zodiacs. She is known for her analytical skills and her ability to read ancient scripts.


Hina is a Chimera Ant in the show. She is initially introduced as one of the Queen's Guards. She is loyal to the Queen and ruthless in her pursuit of her enemies.




Asta is a side character in the Hunter x Hunter series who works to stop Gensuru and its team. She is known for placing a huge restriction on the series that limits participation to only those who have more than 50 cards.