12 Film Directors Who Pretty Much Never Miss the Mark

When someone asks about directors who never miss in an online discussion forum, it got me thinking about the directors whose work I’ve never not liked.

And I came up with these twelve filmmakers whose every film I can confidently vouch for, whether I thought of them or others suggested them. 

Tomm Moore

Tomm Moore has only made three feature films, The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea, and Wolfwalkers; each of which has been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

David Cronenberg

David Cronenberg is known as the father of the body horror subgenre of horror. His early films, Shivers and Rabid, set a template for films exploring the malleability and porousness of the body and the impacts one body can have on society.

Paul Verhoeven

Whether it’s the stickiness of their morality or just the over-the-top hilarity of their comedy, every Verhoeven movie is at least entertaining and at most masterful. 

Celine Sciamma

Celine Sciamma makes the movies you’d expect from a French lesbian. They’re artful, full of emotion, and always centered on the lives of women.

Nicolas Winding Refn

He’s one of the few directors included here to have such a significant change in his filmography, but everything he’s made on both sides of that change is fantastic. 

Park Chan-wook

Park is likely best known for directing the contemporary classic Oldboy, but his entire filmography is full of incredible films exploring perversion, crime, and revenge. 

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