10 Film Franchises With Only One Good Movie

Have you ever watched a franchise and felt one movie stood out above the rest? You're not alone.

A Redditor asked, “What's a film franchise with only one good movie?” The internet responded by delivering this authentic list of movie franchises with only one solid film.

One user posted, “The Tim Burton and Schumacher Batman movie series. Batman 1989 is the only good entry. I think Batman Returns is terrible.” Another Redditor said, “The OG Batman tetralogy is BAD!”


A Reddit user said, “I don't know a thing about Twilight, but for about 20 minutes, the first film has a good, moody vibe with a chill soundtrack before it becomes TWILIGHT.” Another user replied, “Agreed! They are all pretty goofy movies, but the first ones' aesthetics were on point.”


One Redditor posted, “The first one started James Wan's interesting career. The next eight (nine? ten?) are torture adult films.” Another user said, “Unfortunately, I did watch most of them throughout my teens and found the gore mildly interesting and the story downright stupid.”


One user posted, “I think it's a case where one is so great that it overshadows the rest.” Another Redditor said, “A lot of people in my movie-going circle feel that the sequels are not worth the watch.”


One Redditor said, “Agreed. Instead of There can be only one, the sequels turned it into There should have been only one.”


One user posted, “Yup. Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movies, and everything else is either generic or bad.” Another Redditor said, “The others all suck, though. Still, it's pretty hard to drop off after the first one.”

Jurassic Park

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