Legendary Filmmakers with 5 Back-to-Back Films You Can’t Afford to Miss

Recently @BigDaddyHoffa asked, “QUESTION: What is the best five-film streak of any filmmaker?” Phew. That is a tough one. I mean, there is a lot of talent to contend.

But here are the top fan-nominated responses in no particular order. Is your favorite filmmaker on this list?

One user answered, “Best five-film streak for me belongs to James Cameron! The TerminatorAliensThe AbyssTerminator 2 True Lies.”

James Cameron

Another Twitter user responded, “Rob Reiner's is the first to come to mind.” Followed by his classics, including Stand By MeThe Princess BrideWhen Harry Met SallyMiseryA Few Good Men.”

Rob Reiner

“You know they had to do it to 'em,” said one user while sharing an image of the Coen Brothers and a list of their incredible back-to-back films.”

Joel and Ethan Coen (Coen Brothers)

Denis Villeneuve

One user shared their favorite seven streak filmmakers: Villeneuve and Miyazaki. Several others agreed with the Denis Villeneuve film selections listed. Also, Hayao Miyazaki is a Japanese animator and filmmaker (for those not in the know).

“I'm not tolerating an answer that doesn't include Stanley Kubrick,” another user announced. They share their five-film streak: Dr. Strangelove – 2001: A Space Odyssey – A Clockwork Orange – Barry Lyndon – The Shining

Stanley Kubrick

Christopher Nolan

Another user shared a six-film streak stating, “With either The Prestige or Dunkirk, that's a pretty amazing run for Christopher Nolan.” Many people agreed with this choice and shared their own posts highlighting these films. 

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