24 Films That Are Perfect for Watching During a Thunderstorm

I rounded up some of my favorite flicks for when the weather is wild — from rainy thrillers to chilling horror flicks to offbeat comedies. 

Watch one of these 24 movies when you're trapped inside, safe and sound from Mother Nature's fury. 

Twister (1996)

This movie is one of the best disaster films ever made and will have you worrying about the strength of your windows. 

Identity (2003)

Ten strangers hide out in a motel until the rainstorm passes, but they begin to get killed off one by one, making this storm deadlier than anyone thought it could be. 

Young Frankenstein (1974)

The movie features plenty of rain and rumbles of thunder that always happen perfectly on cue for the characters. 

The Lighthouse (2019)

Two lighthouse keepers begin to lose their grip on reality while staying in a lighthouse, as the movie explores intense themes concerning power and madness, with plenty of complex subtexts for you to decipher. 

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

The movie features a multitude of catastrophic disasters that will have your heart pumping while the weather rages outside your door. 

Ponyo (2008)

If the weather is making you feel gloomy, this charming movie about a fish that wants to become a human will make you feel cozy and safe. 

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