Financial Literacy: Your Complete Money Mastery Blueprint

Financial literacy — familiarity with fundamental money topics — is precisely the knowledge base we need to navigate this money-driven world. 

Unfortunately, this critical skill set is in short supply. The 2014 S&P Global Financial Literacy Survey found financial literacy in the US was only 57%. Nearly half of Americans could not correctly answer four simple questions on financial decision-making. 

Financial literacy encompasses a range of money management knowledge and skills that help people manage their money. Budgeting, debt, investing, credit, and more all fall under this umbrella. 

There is no single purpose of financial literacy. In truth, there are many. Studies have shown that financial literacy has a clear positive impact on household wealth. 

A Strong Foundation

Whether your main focus is becoming debt-free, building toward financial freedom, or saving for a leisurely retirement, you will want to approach it with a firm grasp of the fundamentals. 

Self-Reliance and Independence

Having fundamental expertise allows you to do more for yourself and to act with confidence. Starting with some working background knowledge empowers you to be a more informed consumer in instances where you need to pay for an outside advisor or service.