I Spoke With 10 Financial Experts. Here Are Their Top 2022 Financial Resolutions For You

Hoards of enthusiastic resolutioners flock to gyms, bookstores, and wherever else their sweet intentions sent them in the hopes of making their New Year different. 

Yet more often than not, they’re left with disappointment and a lack of real change. 

Let’s make (and keep) our New Year’s resolution by focusing on financial resolutions. I spoke to 10 financial experts. Keep reading to get their insights on the top financial resolutions for you to make a difference in your financial well-being and success. 

Align Your Finances With Your Core Values

Bill O’Donnell, a Certified Financial Fiduciary, from Heartland Financial Solutions says to align your finances with your core values. He says that you’ll never be satisfied with how much you have. No matter how much it is. We’ll always want more. 

Start a Budget

Justin Nabity, a Certified Financial Planner, from Physicians Thrive says to create a personal budget. Make a resolution to track your spending to better understand where your money is going and how to plan for future expenses. 

Cut Unnecessary Subscription

Nick Bormann, a Certified Financial Planner, from Bormann Wealth Management, LLC says to save more money. He recommends that you review all of your subscription services this New Year. Do they provide you with value? Are there lower-cost options?