Could a Financial Therapist Help With Your Money Stress?

A financial therapist is a professional who pairs mental health treatment with financial planning services.  

They apply their extensive knowledge and training about the psychology of money to help clients reduce money-related stress levels and lead higher-quality lives. 

Since many financial decisions are made with emotions, working with a financial therapist can prove beneficial.  

Financial therapists can help clients understand and accept their feelings about money and design plans to meet their financial goals like retiring or paying for college. 

A Certified Financial Therapist is a mental health or financial professional certified by the Financial Therapy Association for their education and experience in financial therapy, financial planning, counseling, and therapeutic competencies. 

Should You Hire a Certified Financial Therapist?

A Certified Financial Therapist may be well worth the investment if your finances often overly affect your emotions and you feel your mental or physical health is suffering. 

If you find yourself stressed about money, a financial therapist can help you uncover the cause of your worries. You can count on them to help you design a plan to alleviate your financial stress and ensure money worries don't take a toll on your mental wellbeing. 

If you tend to overspend or have a track record of maxing out your credit cards, a financial therapist can help you determine why you do so. 

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