11 Fan Suggestions on How To Improve the Flash Superhero Suit

Barry Allen, also known as the Flash, is the fastest man alive. Barry uses super-speed powers and taps into the Speed Force, becoming a costumed crime-fighter. Allen is also a founding member of the Justice League. 

Over the decades, he's had several costume changes. Some were great, and others were less appealing. 

Redditor, u/yellowfirefly524, asked, “How would you change/redesign our current Flashs’ suit?” To which several Flash geeks responded with their creative visions. So here are Reddit's suggestions on how to improve the Flash suit.

Many fans of the Flash weighed in with lightning and glowing effects as valid suggestions for improving the Flash suit. For example, MCgamer120_Games offered, “I would definitely add a little more thickness to the lightning lines, so it’s more visible, or just add more of them.”


Redditor Tobito_TV mentioned, “I really don't get why people want Barry to look like the weirdest member of a biker gang again. Leather in a superhero suit is so edgy 00's, and it's a (thankfully) dead trend nowadays.”


DC fan ItsPizzaTime2007 stated, “Add the gold lining from the season four suit, make the wings different, and add similar ones to the boots. 

The Flash Suit Details

They further suggested, “Add some slightly darker red leather. Maybe add white eyes like Wally's suit in the 90s comics and the JL Unlimited show.”

Redditor and DC fan barthotymous stated, “Give it the ability to store some speed force energy (or other energy, now that he can siphon pretty much all kinds). 

Speed Changes

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