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10 Best Cities for Burger Lovers

Homebay recently released an exhaustive study that determined Richmond, Virginia, is the burger capital of America.

Using criteria like “total burger restaurants per 100,000 residents,” “average Yelp rating for burger restaurants,” and “online search activity for burger-related terms,” the study ranked Richmond ahead of Milwaukee and Denver in the top three. 

While there's no Big Belly Burger to be found, check out the list of America's top 10 best cities for burger lovers:

Hotspots like Beauvine Burger Concept and Boulevard Burger & Brew are in the Premier League of local restaurants and are a must-try when in town.

Richmond, VA.

Wisconsin is home to the Midwestern burger chain Culver's, which is like a cold-weather version of In-N-Out without the hype. It's also a favorite of chef and TV personality Andrew Zimmern.

Milwaukee, Wis.

Colorado ranks 12th nationally in burgers eaten annually, so it's no surprise that folks in the capital city have a lot to say about where the best spots are. Denver burger restaurants average a 4.1 rating on Yelp, higher than the national average.

Denver, Colo.

Classic burger buffs need not fear. With 56.8% more burger options than in other cities in the study, it's safe to say there's something in OKC for everyone. When visiting the Big Friendly, check out local favorites Tuckers Onion Burgers or Nic's Grill of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives fame.

Oklahoma City, Okla.

Louisville staple Kaelin's Restaurant claims to be the “birthplace of the cheeseburger.” It has been serving up this delicious classic since 1934.

Louisville, KY.

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