The Art of Flipping: How To Flip Cars and Items Successfully

Norm has been successfully flipping cars and items and since before flipping was cool. 

Norm breaks down, making money flipping items, the best things to sell on eBay for Profit, and how he got started flipping cars. 

"From 14 years old, I was a hustler, and that turned into parts. Box scrap, fender skirts, Teardrop, or the spotlights put on cars, the metal visors over that cars."

"Then I got to installing them. So then, I branched out, and people would have me detail their vehicles. So now I graduate from high school, and I joined the Ingersoll Rand, and I worked third shift, and during the day, the ladies across the street from my house would park their car there, and they would make appointments with me to detail their vehicles, change the oil, spark plugs, whatever."

"So that turned into recognition by these people that: ‘hey, I got a car for sale or I got a car that needs work, give it to Norm." 

"As of today's date or a week ago, I had bought and sold, and this is the gospel, over one thousand vehicles, or it includes motorcycles, trucks, cars. So then that led to a lawyer calling me and asking me if I wanted to do some work for him. I said, sure. I did carpentry and everything."