Florida, Hawaii Rank Among the Top US Vacation Destinations


From coastlines to historical monuments, the US has many diverse destinations that can suit any traveler. 

Travel is the 8th most popular New Year's Resolution, with 10% of Americans planning trips in 2023. Here are the top vacation destinations in the US.

Top US Vacation Destinations

The sunny sunshine state is the most popular US state for vacations. The Sunshine State receives, on average, 155,110 searches from vacation-goers every month.

Searchin' for The Sunshine State

The popularity of this destination is no surprise, as Florida has a plethora of attractions that attract families, retirees, party animals, and, of course, beach bums.

Hawaii is second on the list of most popular US vacation destinations. With average monthly searches for vacations in Hawaii sitting at 125,590. A 2019 study from the Hawaii Tourism Authority found that tourist spending in the state brought in more than $17 billion a year, supporting more than 216,000 jobs.

Aloha to The Aloha State

Hawaii being a top US destination is no surprise as it provides many opportunities for romantic getaways and hidden gems for nature lovers.

The state with the next highest number of searches is California, with 30,680 on average every month, giving it the third-place position. California visitors are constantly increasing, up 22% in 2022 and predicted to increase by 8% in 2023.

California Love

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