10 Foreign Films to Satisfy Your Wanderlust Without Leaving Your Living Room

Sometimes you want to experience something different in your movies, whether that’s a genre you don’t usually watch or something that literally takes you to another place, fictional or real.

When an American Redditor asked for foreign film recommendations because they “have barely dipped into films outside my culture/language,” respondents were happy to offer recommendations for their favorites which span a decent amount of the globe. 

Man Bites Dog (Belgium)

Surprisingly well upvoted was a suggestion for this Belgian mockumentary film about a film crew that follows around an equally charismatic and sadistic serial killer.

In the Mood for Love (Hong Kong)

It makes sense then that this movie about neighbors whose spouses are cheating on them and develop a relationship but refuse to consummate it got more than one mention. 

The Handmaiden (Korea)

It’s not at all a surprise that the film about a young pickpocket who plays a role in an elaborate con that only becomes more complicated keeps you guessing all the way through was recommended so many times . 

The Rover (Australia)

The movie follows two men who forge an unstable alliance as they chase down a gang that stole a car in a post-apocalyptic Australia. 

Y tu mamá también (Mexico)

It’s a road movie, buddy comedy, and coming-of-age movie about two friends who go on a trip with a gorgeous older woman and make discoveries about themselves and each other along the way. 

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