6 Forms of Solo Travel To Explore The World and Not Feel Alone

Traveling alone can be incredibly fulfilling and empowering since solo travelers must adapt to new cultures, navigate unfamiliar environments, plan itineraries, and manage their budgets independently.

But solo trips can be lonely at times. 

Here are six forms of solo travel that will make it easier to combat loneliness while traveling the world.

Wellness Retreats

Wellness retreats are spaces dedicated to meditation, fitness, wellness, spirituality, and yoga, but they are also a wonderful way to meet other travelers.

Top Yoga Retreat Destinations

BookYogaRetreats.com published its top 10 yoga retreat destinations for 2023, with Portugal, Greece, and Indonesia leading the list.

Yoga retreats in Costa Rica are eco-lodges or specialized yoga centers tucked into the jungle and bordering the beach. Popular options include Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge, Luna Lodge, and Essence Arenal.

From watching wildfires to white-water rafting to cliff jumping, this form of travel pushes participants out of their comfort zones and leads to unforgettable experiences.

Group Adventure Tours

Whether trekking through Patagonia, exploring temples in South America, or backpacking in the wild, adventure travel is all about embracing the unknown.

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