8 Franchises That Should Have Quit While They Were Ahead

Are there any franchises you believe need to stop while they're ahead? Or perhaps even stopped a long time ago? You're not alone.

Redditor u/Ziggi28 asked, “What franchise had been milked to death?” And over 6.7K people responded and voted on the nominations. Here are the top eight answers. 

NorthernOctopus stated, “I'll die on this hill. The originals were cool and a completely different movie than what people were used to, but that should have been the end of them.”

Star Wars – 1.1k Votes

Upstairs-Key-52 nominated, “Ben 10. I enjoyed the first three shows, 4th one is mixed for me, but that 5th show which is that reboot that came after, was unnecessary.”

Ben 10 – 1.4k Votes

Many agreed the Call of Duty had been the same for at least the last three years. Noggin-a-Floggin asked, “How many times have they gone back to WW2? It's like three times, right?” Finally, bamahoon admitted, “I mean, there is a lot of ground to cover in WW2. But they cover none of it, so.”

Call of Duty – 1.9k Votes

Yebbafan12 voted, “Marvel. It used to be a big event when they released projects. Now new things are coming out every month. As a result, quality has gone down.”

Marvel – 2.3k Votes

IAmBotARobot asked, “Is the next Halloween really going to be the last one or not?” 5Garbanzobeans answered, “Forever? No way. Michael Myers is an “immortal” character. The End of the current story? Yes.”

Halloween – 2.4k Votes

Redditor sloppyredditor agreed, “Absolutely. I stopped watching when I found myself actively hoping the protagonists would be killed off in gruesome ways.”

The Walking Dead – 2.4k Votes

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