FranShares Review (2021): Invest in Franchises Like Stocks

Chicago startup FranShares, founded in 2020 by Kenny Rose, will be the first investing platform to offer fractional ownership of franchises to any investor (accredited or not). 

For as low as $500, regular people will soon be able to invest and have partial ownership of franchises with FranShares. 

Affiliated with Templum, a registered broker-dealer, FranShares works very much like a private equity firm. 

Retailer investors pool together money to form a fund that FranShares fully manages. FranShares will then use this fund to purchase franchises (either directly or indirectly) and operate/control them. 

After successfully building up these businesses, investors can realize a return in two ways.

1. The increased equity value of the franchises. 2. Ongoing dividend payments (after one year)