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4 Ways To Get a Free Carfax Report

Vehicle reports help give customers valuable information when shopping for used cars. The more money you invest in a car, the more important it is to make sure you invest wisely and don’t end up with something that has problems.

A report costs $39.99. This may not seem like all that much to ensure that the car you purchase is all it claims to be.

How Much Is a Carfax Report?

Although certain websites run promotions occasionally, there are three well-known ways to get a free Carfax report. These three ways work well, regardless of the time of year or type of car you are purchasing.

How To Get a Free Carfax Report

There are many websites with used car listings to shop from. However, at the beginning of your search process, you may find that you like one used car company better than another.

Use Carfax to Shop for a Used Car

Each one of the vehicles listed on the Carfax website comes with a Carfax report. This is a benefit giving shoppers peace of mind when purchasing a car.

The Carfax website has a large selection of vehicles since they pull from different sources. As a result, you don’t have to worry about missing out on potential deals shopping on the website. Overall, we have found it easy to use and navigate.

If you find the used car of your dreams on a dealer’s website, you can usually get a free Carfax report. Many dealers have a relationship with Carfax allowing them to show the report for each of their listings.

Check With Car Dealers

Carfax is not the only online car website that offers users access to a report. Look at other local websites. Most used car sales associates and dealerships understand that people won’t make large purchases without a Carfax report.

Find Carfax Reports by Visiting Online Car Sites

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