The Best Debit Cards for Kids & Teens to Teach Them About Money

With consumer debt in the US growing to over $14 trillion–according to CNBC and the Fed–any step you can take to help promote financial literacy early can go a long way. 

It’s important to understand your options before choosing which debit card to get your kid, especially when it comes to cost. So we compiled a list of some of the best debit cards for kids, including a couple of free options you should consider. 

The first two options on my list are free! They have no monthly fee. The rest are still good options, and in some cases, better options, but there will be a monthly fee associated with them.

Greenlight Kids Debit Card

Their tagline is “the debit card for kids, managed by parents.” The pricing is similar to FamZoo, where you pay $4.99 per month but can have multiple kids on the account. 

Movo Digital Prepaid Visa Card

The Movo card, too, has no reload fee if you opt for direct deposit or other approved methods. This is a big improvement over some cards, like the Akimbo card that charges $5.95 every time you reload. 

Current Visa Debit Card

The current card is not free, but it does offer transparent pricing and a one-month free trial. Then, for only $36 a month, you add money to your card as many times as you’d like, worry-free.