Get A Free Laptop:

8+ Methods To Score New Tech


This American Charity operates in all states of the U.S.

1. With Causes

2. World Computer Exchange


Accepts donations of desktop and laptop computers and sells them for cheap to organizations in developing countries.

3. The National Cristina Foundation


This private operating foundation focuses on advancing digital inclusion by creating awareness of the value of technology reuse.

4. Salvation Army


 Salvation Army is one of the biggest nonprofit organizations that offer its services across the entire country.

5. Pcs for People


The Microsoft registered refurbisher distributes laptops and discounted high-speed internet service to eligible recipients.

6. Everyoneon


EveryoneOn deploys an affordable connectivity program to families whose annual income is less than $35k.

7. Craigslist


The well-known marketplace has a “free” section where you can nab a great deal. 

8. Freecycle


Freecycle is a nonprofit and volunteer movement made up of people who give and receive recycled items, including laptops, in their own towns.