Free PayPal Money: 23 Ways to Get Fast Cash Story

If you can sign-up for something or even take a few minutes to do a survey, then you are qualified to get some free PayPal money. If you refer someone to PayPal Crypto, it is so cool that you can make $10 for each person. 

Are you ready to make some money? Let’s get some free PayPal money. 


Mistplay is a popular place to earn points while playing games. You can earn up to 200 points per game you play. After hitting certain milestones, you will be sent questions to answer. Then you will earn points from answering these questions. Once you hit 1500 points, you can cash out through PayPal.


Ibotta is a great cashback app. Ibotta works because you scan your receipt when you shop at a store, and Ibotta gives you cashback. It has partnered up with over 300 popular retail stores, movie theaters, and convenience stores. 


Swagbucks is an all-in-one rewards place. You can get free PayPal money through surveys, watching videos, or getting cash back through their shopping portal. As of January of 2022, Swagbucks has paid over $665 million in rewards and cashback.


Honey will find coupons to help save you money when you go and buy things. Saving money is a great thing, and the cool part is that Honey gives you cashback. It is called Honey Gold.