5 of the Best Freelance Writing Jobs You Should Try Today

Freelance writers provide many types of written material. Some are in print, and others are online, or a combination of the two. Knowing your target audience and the content's purpose will help you tailor the writing to the client's needs. 

Whether you're a stay-at-home mom looking to add a little household income, you're tired of under the table jobs, or you are a professional looking to change careers, there are freelance writing jobs for everyone. 

Ghostwriter – Writing Content Anonymously

If you don't mind not getting credit for your writing, ghostwriting is a great way to make money. Companies of all sizes need someone to handle their content, but they want it to look like the expert words came from the business owners themselves. 

Copy Writing – Help Businesses Increase Sales

Copywriting has one purpose – to increase sales. A company may hire you to write sales content, write their call to action, or create ad content for specific marketing tools they're trying, such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads. 

Content Writer – Create Content on Websites

Some businesses just need someone to create their static content. That may be the content on their webpages or other articles they want to publish. Content writers must have a solid grasp of SEO techniques, especially if you'll write website content. 

Writing Product Descriptions – Help eCommerce Businesses Succeed

Businesses need quality written product descriptions. The descriptions should be short, descriptive, and SEO optimized. Using a freelance writer helps business owners get descriptions that aren't biased, but rather explain the products effectively.