18 Best French Movies on Netflix Right Now

While it lacks classics like Amélie (Le Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain) and Contempt (Le Mépris), you’re bound to find a movie that captures the heart and soul of France. 

Here is a list of 18 French Films you can stream today on Netflix.  

To Each Her Own (2018)

Torn between her girlfriend and her interest in Wali (Jean-Christophe Folly) Simone is faced with difficult choices. Overall the film struggles with cultural and sexual stereotypes but proves to be a fun watch.  

They Are Everywhere (2016)

Writer-Director Yvan Attal explores a conversation about antisemitism in France through the lense of humor. The main character, also portrayed by Attal, is an actor struggling with racial stereotypes. 

The Boss’ Daughter (2015)

The pair find themselves falling in love with one another, despite the disapproval their relationship attracts. It’s a rather straightforward story, but the performances of the leads make it worth the watch.  

Lolo (2015)

The film’s comedy relies heavily on physical humor, like when Lolo pours itching powder into Jean-René’s clothing. It’s an entertaining French farce, which might not appeal to the comedic taste of American audiences.