People Voted for the Most Annoying Character on the TV Show Friends

And the Results Won’t Surprise You

“So no one told you that the vote would go this way- clap, clap, clap, clap!” Redditors voted on who the most annoying character is on the TV show Friends, and we got the results right here!

-ExistentialNihilist admitted, “Ross was the most annoying, but it's part of his character and was entertaining!”

Ross Geller – 37%

Redditor kinkymallu stated, “Phoebe, such a dumb, mean sicko! Hating Ross for no reason at all, ugh. And a hypocrite.”

Phoebe Buffay – 25%

However, QueenPhoebeBuffay jumped in, saying, “I think Phoebe has too many votes, lol.” Of course, with a Reddit name like that, it's safe to assume some bias.”

While no one called Rachel Green's character out directly, the consensus is that she is Friends' third most annoying person. As Rachel would say, “Oh, that's okay. Girls tend not to like me.”

Rachel Green – 16%

However, Redditor Unonuon disagreed, “This is the only rewatch show I don't have to fast forward through certain characters 'cause they're annoying. NONE ARE ANNOYING.”

Redditor saltybread3 admitted, “Unpopular, but Monica. She snitched on Gary when she told Phoebe that he wanted to move in with her. Also, she told her that David wanted to marry her, etc. I just don't really like her at all!”

Monica Geller – 15%

“How you doin'?” Joey Tribbiani received a puny 25 votes, ranking him as the fifth annoying Friends character in the poll.

Joey Tribbiani – 4%

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