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The Best Retcons in Comics

Have you experienced a time when a critical detail in your favorite superhero's history changed? That's a Retroactive Continuity or Retcon.

Recently a Redditor asked, “What are the best Retcons in comics?” The Internet responded to deliver this list of comic book retcons. 

One Redditor declared, “I'd say Alan Moore‘s take on Swamp Thing. He essentially rewrote what Swamp Thing was and led into a wonderful new direction for the series.”

Swamp Thing

One user said, “The best retcons are this. Miracle Man, Bucky, Moira McTaggert!” Another user posted, “Now she's a mutant with the power to go back to the day of her birth with all her memories whenever she dies.”

Moira McTaggert

One Redditor pointed out, “Sort of why it's the best. You don't hear anyone say: ‘Bucky should have stayed dead.' It's a pretty exciting development for the character, and the history of Marvel (both in fiction and out).”

Bucky Barnes

One Redditor said, “The 2014 event AXIS retconned that Pietro and Wanda are not biologically related to Magneto, generally understood by fans to be a move by Disney to distance the two characters from the X-Men since they didn't hold the film rights.”


One user posted, “Wolverine‘s claws being bone and not implants. That's the one that sealed my love of X-Men forever and ever. (I fully recognize that this is a retcon of a retcon – At first, his claws were equipment that he wore, then they were implants).”


One user admitted, “I'll always dislike Max's turn to evil; it never sat right with me, even if it's gotten some added context. It always felt like something that should've been a one-off thing that we would have moved on from shortly afterward with a good redemption arc.”

Maxwell Lord

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