Fun Games to Play With Friends and Family

It’s overwhelming to select fun games to play when you’re bored along with your friends or family when there are hundreds to choose from.

Made by gamers, this Ultimate List of Board and Video Games guarantees a fun time, no matter the age group.

Video games are electronic games that you play on the screen where you can challenge your friends against them or other players.

Exploding Kittens

 The game is highly strategic and involves exploding kittens, laser beams, enchiladas, and sometimes you’ll even encounter goats!

Retro Clue

This retro series looks exactly like the original 1986 game board and brings all the suspense and thrills originally held for fans of the game.


Catan is a classic and one you don’t want to miss out on if you’ve never played it before.

Star Wars: Risk

The Star Wars edition allows you to play through the Battle of Endor's events as you work to take down the Death Star.

Wits & Wagers Board Game

Wits & Wagers is an award-winning and fast-paced guessing game that combines the most addictive parts of trivia games and gambling in a family-friendly fashion.

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