10 Best Podcasts To Make You Laugh Out Loud

Are you looking for an excellent podcast to make you laugh out loud? Then, we got you covered.

A Redditor recently shared that they love fictional podcasts that can “bust my gut, keel me over in a fit of giggles, and get my funny bone going” before asking for recommendations. Here are the top-voted podcasts.

“If you have the same sense of humor as three nerdy, depraved, 30-something-year-old men: Profiles in Eccentricity has me in tears nine times out of ten. If you like it, I HIGHLY recommend throwing $5 to them for their Patreon."

Profiles in Eccentricity

What Am I Doing Here with Mike Reiss is one of my favorite comedy podcasts and is always good for a chuckle. I recommend this podcast more than any other,” someone admitted.

What Am I Doing Here

“Andrew Schulz's Flagrant is hilarious. He's a comedian who discusses a range of topics with his friends and has many guests. They have a very diverse crew, so they get away with a lot that most people would be scared to say due to cancel culture—one of my favorite podcasts."


One person exclaimed, “Valley Heat! I do not give many recommendations, but Valley Heat is the most incredible podcast. I wished they came out with their episodes more frequently.”

Valley Heat

Dungeons and Daddies get me every time! I wasn't even into D&D before watching it, but they are all hilarious people with a great podcast concept,” someone suggested. “Seconded!” shared another.

Dungeons and Daddies

Another shared, “If you like to hear about cults and want to laugh while you do it, you have to listen to Cult Podcast (NOT the Parcast network). It is a podcast by two stand-up comedians who do extensive research about cults and then present it to you in a hilarious way.”

Cult Podcast

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