More Gaming, Less TV? The Battle for Engaging Entertainment

Americans are coming together in droves to enjoy the same leisure activity: gaming. Everyone is doing it, no, literally: everyone. 

Only 13% of adults are not gaming, which means advertisers are diverting all their efforts to in-game campaigns, a pivot that could predict a gloomy future for TV and social media. 

Streaming movies and TV, toiling away the hours on social media, and gaming have satisfied important needs during quarantine: they kept people connected. 

However, gaming has stolen ahead of the race, proving the outlet most people flock to, representing surprising numbers and demographics. 

“Video games will rot your brain” used to be a familiar refrain uttered from judgmental adults who never lived in a world with digital gaming options. 

The classic gaming image involves children sitting in front of the TV with a large gaming console hooked up. 


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