10 Best Bucket List Geeky Hobbies for Women and Men

If you’ve been meaning to try out some new hobbies like coding, assembling a robot, or making your own jewelry, but you haven’t been able to get started, you’re not alone.  

Whether you’re finding a good hobby for the first time, just hoping to pick up some interesting hobbies during quarantine or looking for a long-term one, you landed on the right blog post. 

I compiled a list of hobbies to help turn your “someday” ideas into things to do now that are very affordable. 

Put together Legos for adults

It’s picking up steam as a mindful, calming hobby for stressed-out grown-ups. 

Home roast coffee

If you want to geek out when it comes to your cup of joe, this can be a low-cost hobby that keeps you caffeinated for less. 

Home brew beer

Making your own beer at home is all the rage. It can save you money and allow you to experience the fun of making something yourself.