Get Free Diapers by Following These 16 Tips and Trick

Everyone knows that life gets more expensive when you have kids. But not everyone knows how to rearrange their spending to ensure they have enough room in the budget for a baby.  

Most children are in diapers for at least the first two years of their life. So whether you’re looking to use disposable diapers or cloth diapers, these resources will help you save money on diapers. 

1. Stock Up at the Hospital & Doctor Appointment

Hospitals provide a lot of things for you, not just diapers! So make sure you don’t waste money on something that they already provide for you.  

2. Ask Companies for Diaper Sample

Diaper companies love to give out samples! They want you to use and love their diapers so that you will buy more. 

3. Reach Out to Local Women’s and Family Shelter

Contact your local shelters, specifically ones that cater to women and families. They will have some diapers on hand and possibly help you find other resources to help you get more. 

4. Find a Diaper Bank (Or Two!)

There are typically local diaper banks, as well as state diaper banks. And there is even a national program called the National Diaper Bank Network. They will also be able to help you find diaper banks close to you.  

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