Unlock The Secret To Getting Paid for Doing Nothing:

22 Smart Ways To Start Earning Today!

Do you like getting paid to do nothing? I know my answer is a firm yes! If you're interested in making money while you sleep, check out these unique opportunities.

With a little hard work and a bit of luck, these side hustles can turn into long-term cash streams. 

Get Paid for Sleeping and Testing Bed

Wakefit posted a job listing offering $1400 for someone to sleep eight hours a night for 100 nights. Their ideal candidate should be able to fall asleep within 10 to 20 minutes of hitting the pillow.

Get Paid To Stand in Line

If you have a lot of patience and don't mind being on your feet, you can look for place-holding jobs on TaskRabbit. 

Swagbucks, AppKarma, FeaturePoints, and Irazoo are all places where you can earn cash or gift cards for testing mobile applications, watching ads, and more. 

Get Paid To Download Apps

Get Paid To Sell Your Plasma

I'm sure you've heard of blood donation, but did you know some agencies will pay you for your plasma? After drawing some blood, the agency will run it through a machine that separates the plasma from the rest of your blood.

Get Paid To Taste Food

Although these gigs are rare, you can get paid to sample, taste, and provide feedback on food from restaurants and food and beverage companies. 

Get Paid To Listen to Music

If you have a passion for beautiful lyrics and catchy melodies, there are sites where artists will pay you to listen to their music. Slice the Pie and HitPredictor are two such places. 

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