Get Paid for Your Data With These 14 Data Collection App

Like it or not, data collection apps, search engines, and various social media platforms are constantly collecting your personal data.

Sure, you can go incognito to avoid it, but if companies are willing to pay you for your own data, why not earn extra cash?

Get paid for your data with these top mobile applications; all you need is a mobile device, an email address, and internet access.

The 14 Best Data Collection Apps To Make Money With

Tapestri pays you for your location data. And because Large retailers like Lowes want better understand your shopping habits, they will buy your data from Tapestri.


Permission Research, a market research company, relies on its members to gain valuable insight into online trends and behavior.

Permission Research

In serving its mission of “improving the mobile internet,” MobileXpression collects data about your internet surfing habits and wants to pay you for it.


Nielsen Ratings is the original data collector that paid you for your feedback on cable TV shows back in the day.

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Used in different ways, your online data helps companies better target their online advertising and marketing campaigns, make better projections for future products, and gauge trends.

Final Thought

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