16 Smart Ways To Get Paid To Drive in 2024

If you’re looking for new ways to earn extra cash and make the most of your spare time, you’ll be excited to know you can get paid to drive.

Countless apps and delivery programs will allow you to pick up work with flexible hours and the ability to choose when and where you work. 

Drive for Uber

If you live in a big metropolitan area, then driving for Uber may be a great option for you. You can use your car to drive people around and get paid big bucks. 

Drive for Lyft

Lyft is Uber’s biggest competitor, and they offer almost identical services. According to a report by fool.com, Uber drivers make 6.2% more per hour than Lyft drivers. 

Drive for GoCurb

They make 10 million monthly trips and have over 100k drivers in their network. Drivers can set their hours track their earnings in real-time, and they get to keep 100% of their tips. 

Drive for Wingz

They specialize in pre-planned, long-distance rides to help drivers maximize their earnings. They do a lot of airport pickups, NEMT rides, and event rides. 

Deliver for DoorDash

Everyone knows and loves DoorDash– one of the original food delivery services. If you want to get paid to deliver food, DoorDash is a great option. 

Deliver for UberEats

Uber Eats is a big competitor to DoorDash and offers many of the same services. If you work for Uber Eats, you can choose your hours and deliver with a car, scooter, or bicycle, depending on your city.

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