9+ Ways To Make Money

Playing Video Games 


Play Solitaire Cash, Bubble Cash, Bingo Cash and many more.

1. Play Games on Your Mobile

2. Video Game Coaching


Video game coaches can earn a lot of money, with sessions costing between $20 to $200 per hour.

3. Video Game Testing


Being a professional game tester involves trying to ‘break' a game, find ways to mess it up, or analyze why it may or may not be fun for users.

4. Professional Gaming


Professional players compete worldwide and win millions at competitive gaming events sponsored by various organizations.

5. Start a YouTube Channel


Through YouTube, you can grow your channel and monetize your content.

6. Make Money From Ads


Twitch will compensate you when you've become a monetized streamer. For every subscriber who visits your channel, you'll receive $5.00.

7. Amazon Affiliate Links


Twitch also allows its users to earn by sharing their Amazon affiliate links. This means gamers can recommend products and items available on Amazon.

8. PayPal Donations


Many successful gamers have found that they can earn money by soliciting and receiving PayPal donations from loyal fans or sponsors.

9. Contact Potential Sponsors


Improve your chances of impressing potential sponsors by ensuring your channel expresses a specific style and ethos, which may align with your sponsors' goals.