If You’re Getting Interviews But Not the Offer, You Need to Try These 6 Things

“I know it happens, but this was the most excited I've ever been about a job and a company in my 17-year career. I'm trying not to feel sorry for myself, but this hurts.”

Many of us have found ourselves in similar disappointing scenarios. How do you cope?

“After eight interviews, you deserve some type of reason on why you weren't chosen,” writes Bernadette M. Martinez.

Ask For Feedback.

While the OP said the recruiter couldn’t give her a reason, this situation is where it’s perfectly okay — encouraged, even — to ask for feedback. Yes, the hiring manager may not be willing to provide it for whatever reason, but it’s a starting point.

“There's much to learn here,” according to Maureen B. Weisner.

Use It as a Learning Moment.

“What was so exciting about this job? When you break down the elements that made this the perfect position, identify other jobs/companies that offer the same or similar. Is there anything you can incorporate into your current role while you are in the job search process?”

The good news is that if you make it this far in the interview process, you’ve probably secured some valuable contacts for the future.


Susan Price encouraged the OP to “consider asking the individuals you talked to and connected with for referrals to similar jobs or people in their network since you obviously made it through several layers.”

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