Give Me Money (27 Legitimate Sites That Give You Money)

Occasionally, we can all end up with not enough money on hand. When you’ve tried everything else, the only thing that you’re left with is to put your hands out and beg.

Cyber begging or online panhandling is 100 percent legal. You’re in no way forcing anyone to give you money. People do so voluntarily out of the goodness of their hearts.

Crowdfunding sites can help you carry out your campaign of begging money online. These sites enable you to set up customized fundraising pages and share them with your networks.


Labeling itself as a platform that helps raise money for charity, Crowdrise focuses on dealing with real-world issues. You can collect one-time and recurring donations for your cause. It has been around for many years, so it’s a trustworthy site to use.


This crowdfunding site is geared to cash-strapped travelers who want to explore the world while volunteering or students who wish to continue learning in a foreign country with assisting others as the end goal.

Fundable was created to help companies raise funds. How the platform works is such that after completing registration, you’ll create your company’s Fundable profile that includes an overview of your product range and funding goals.


Fundly help people, teams, clubs, schools, charities and nonprofits organize and advertise fundraisers that are near and dear to them. 


The platform provides you with all the required tools to help bring your project to life. It’s fast and easy to create an account, start your campaign, get the funds and cash out. The platform hosts crowdfunding campaigns for nonprofit, business and personal causes.


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