7 Reasons People Should Want To Go Into the Office 

(At Least Some of the Time)

Like many, the company I work for is taking a hybrid approach. I think that is a fair compromise. As RTO (return to office) replaces WFH (work from home), here are some reasons you should want to go back — at least a few days a month.

Even when we were in the office full time, I had coworkers in other countries. When I traveled and met them face-to-face, our relationship changed for the better. Every. Single. Time.

Better Work Relationships.

Last week, I went into the office and had a (gasp) elevator conversation with a sales manager. He said mentoring his team members is 100% more effective in person. It’s easier to listen to their calls and coach them face-to-face.

Opportunity for Better Mentoring.

There are countless articles, including this one, which cite research studies that show many WFH people suffer from loneliness and isolation, anxiety, stress, and depression. We are social beings — even introverts.

Improved Mental Health.

These lines have been blurred for a while with easy access to email on smartphones, but with workspace setups at home, the expectation for essentially 24/7 access has grown.

Clearer Work Boundaries.

I’ve had the opportunity lately to have actual in-office meetings, and I have to say it’s nice to have a meeting where there aren’t kids running around, dogs barking, birds singing, doorbells ringing, leaf blowers blasting, and the other myriad of distractions.


Like it or not, many managers still spend their days imagining how you’re at home playing with your kids or binge-watching the latest Netflix series, no matter how available you are online.

More Visibility.

In the office, you can casually walk by someone’s desk and say, “Oh hey! You ARE in the office. About those five emails that I’ve sent you…”

Ghosts Reappear.

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