4 Golden Rules for Good Conversation Starters  (With Examples)

Though good questions are essential in your social skills arsenal, knowing which questions to ask and when separates the amateurs from the experts.

For some people, starting a conversation comes naturally, but for many, it starts awkward, and you're quickly wondering what to say.

You'll soon be a master conversationalist once you understand the basics of making conversation and keeping it flowing.

You're missing the point if you come at someone with a line you've memorized, something you want to say, or a question you want to ask. Making it about you is not the way to make a connection. You must make it about them.

Rule One: It's About Them, Not You!

For example, you can take the other person's personality into account. Do they seem introverted, extroverted, or omniverted? You might be wondering how to make the conversation about them when you haven't even met them yet. You just need to be observant.

It would be easy if you could just ask someone about themselves and off you went into a fantastic conversation, but, like dancing, chatting requires two people.

Rule Two: It's About You, Too!

You could be the coolest Sigma male rockstar, but you still need to create a connection to start a good conversation.

Using rule one above, you might ask someone where they bought their earrings, but the question will fall flat if you don't know anything about earrings yourself (or even have your ears pierced).

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