Good Credit? You Can Travel the World for Free

25% of Americans are able to work remotely breaking the centuries-long tether to an office.  Additionally, the incentives offered by airlines, travel booking sites, and credit cards make free, or heavily-reduced travel, possible.

That's because when it's done properly, credit card sign-on bonuses can transport you all over the world – for free.

And the strategy is easier to implement than you might expect – with the right partners.

Travel Freely is one such site. Their website and smartphone app give travelers a leg up. On average, people who sign up and utilize the tips from Travel Freely accumulate $2,000 worth of free travel yearly.

In the case of Travel Freely, their app integrates an account monitoring system that keeps them accountable and on top of the cards they have and the necessary payments.

In fact, members report higher credit scores than ever before – while still enjoying the free travel benefits.

The key, according to the Travel Freely blog, is to not overspend and never act impulsively when opening new accounts.

Again, it's a strategy, so take the time to properly research and plan your credit card applications and account closures.

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