Grand Admiral Thrawn: Learn to Manage Money Like a Tactical Genius

About Grand Admiral Thrawn

Thrawn had a powerful military mind. He achieved remarkable military victories over the rebels and consistently was two steps ahead of them.

Thrawn was a strategic mastermind and brilliant planner; he was renowned for seeing opportunities and patterns others couldn't.

It would surprise no one if he saved a significant portion of his imperil pay, and he routinely invested in highly appreciating art and antiques.

“No battle plan can anticipate all contingences. There are always unexpected factors, including those stemming from the opponent’s initiative. A battle thus becomes a balance between plan and improvisation, between intellect and reflex, between error and correction.” -Thrawn

Life isn’t only about planning for the future. It’s about being prepared but reacting and recovering from mistakes and mishaps.

“No one is immune from failure. All have tasted the bitterness of defeat and disappointment. A warrior must not dwell on that failure, but must learn from it and continue on”. – Thrawn

Learning from what did not go according to plan in the past becomes a guide for future success. Those who are destined for long-term success will embrace failure as a teacher.

“One whose path has taken a new turn is often initially disorientated. But as time passes, and the path continues steadily in its new direction, there is a tendency to believe that it will remain so forever, with no further turns.” –Thrawn

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