10 Great Movies That Portrayed the Military Correctly

Recently a Redditor asked, “Which military movies surprisingly got stuff right? I'll start: with Gardens of Stone."

"IMO one of the only military movies that accurately portray the relationship between junior enlisted, NCO, and senior enlisted grades. The interior scenes of the movie were spot-on.”

Reddit responded to deliver this list of military films that got it right. 

One Redditor posted, “They filmed the basic training scene on Fort Sill. They also had military advisers on the set…” Another commented, “Pauly Shore went through the water purification Advanced Individual Training if I recall correctly.”

In the Army Now (1994)

Another user posted, “It honestly gets the frustration of being combat arms in a war zone and not being able actually to fight pretty well too.”

Jarhead (2005)

One user posted, “A somewhat obscure movie about the Afghanistan War called The Outpost. I think was also well done and not cringe in the way it portrayed interactions between enlisted and officers.” 

The Outpost (2020)

One user posted, “I remember my first day at the reception at Fort Knox. They put us in the same room in Stripes with the big unit patch cutouts on the wall. It was surreal.”

Stripes (1981)

One Redditor said, “Wings, from 1927. The director had been a pilot in World War I and knew how to direct and film dogfights from first-hand experience doming German biplanes.”

Wings (1927)

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