The Greatest Batman Villains of All Time

It was through Batman's many battles with his formidable and memorable list of adversaries that made him so well-known a villain. 

These villains were all unique, had interesting “gimmicks,” and proved themselves to be dangerous, unstable threats capable of matching Batman physically and mentally, putting Gotham City in grave jeopardy time and time again. 

We thought we'd take a look at some of Batman's most famous villains, looking at their often tragic origins, primary motivations, relationship to the Dark Knight, and the most notorious crimes they've committed in their various comic appearances. 

The Penguin

His primary motivation is personal profit or acquiring more power, and he's been known for masking his criminal activity through his nightclub, the Iceberg Lounge. 


Scarecrow may very well be among the more unstable of Batman's villains, with his criminal actions not motivated out of attempts to secure wealth, but based on his desire to cause chaos and study the effects his toxin has on people. 

The Riddler

In essence, the Riddler is essentially DC's version of Saw‘s Jigsaw, creating complex traps that put human lives on the line, leaving vague clues behind for Batman to solve.