35 of the Greatest Television and Streaming Christmas Movies That Deserve to Be Remembered

So many quality films become lost in the shuffle. With so many produced year after year, many no longer air or are forgotten, especially films made more than five years ago. While current ones are enjoyable, finding the best of the bunch can be challenging.

With so many, there are undoubtedly some worthy films that do not make this list. But let's look at 35 of the greatest television Christmas films that deserve to be remembered.

12 Dates of Christmas (ABC Family, 2011)

In this delightful romantic comedy, a young woman named Kate (Amy Smart) is not over her ex-boyfriend and still dreams of them reuniting.

With her heart elsewhere, her Christmas Eve blind date with a great guy named Miles (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) does not go well. But after a fall in a department store, Kate wakes up and discovers that it's again Christmas Eve. And she must repeatedly live the same day and blind date until she gets everything right.

Borrowed Hearts (CBS, 1997)

The story follows the single mother Kathleen and her precocious daughter Zoey. She struggles to make ends meet, with her ex-husband and Zoey's father rarely there.

So Kathleen reluctantly agrees for her and her daughter to pose as the family of her boss, Sam, to help a seal merger with an old-fashioned business associate. Of course, the line between pretending and reality becomes blurred as Kathleen and Zoey grow close to Sam.

The Christmas Box (CBS, 1995)

This heartfelt and very moving drama is little known these days but one that more than deserves a resurgence in notoriety. Not only is the story a tearjerker and profound one, but the cast is excellent and includes Richard Thomas, Annette O'Toole, and Maureen O'Hara.

The Christmas Chronicles (Netflix, 2018)

The quality of the production, from the costumes to the special effects and performances, is superb. There's a great deal of humor and whimsy combined with profound moments about grief, faith, and love.

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