Recruiters Say Listen For These Green Flags In an Interview

As an interviewer, I have to be conscious about making people comfortable and asking the right questions to help figure out if the person I’m talking to is the right person to fill the position I have open.

Luckily, there are some key ways — aka “green flags” — to look out for to know if an interview is going well.

The best interviews I’ve ever been in – as a job applicant, or as an interviewer – felt like the kind of conversation I’d have with someone over lunch, or at a particularly great networking event.

The Interview Feels More Conversational Than Q & A

If you fall into a natural rhythm of both asking questions and answering questions, and if you walk out of an interview feeling not like you’ve been peppered with questions, but like you just had lunch with a friend, that’s a green flag!

It’s important, as a candidate, to remember that everyone who is part of an interviewing process is important, and to act accordingly.

You’re Introduced to More of the Organization (space, co-workers, higher-ups)

Whether you’re interviewing in-person or virtually, be kind to everyone you meet at the company and take their participation in the interview process seriously.

“Buying questions” are questions about things an interviewer needs to know to be able to close a deal and make an offer to a candidate. It’s rare, but not impossible, to hear these in a first interview.

The interviewer asks “buying questions”

If you hear them in a second or later interview, it’s a green flag that at the very least, the company is interested in you, and is likely going to continue the conversation.

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