6 Green Flags You Absolutely Want To Read in a Job Description

You’ve probably done some double-takes while reading a job description that has the likes of “we’re a family” or we’re looking for a “rockstar.” 

Often, these terms are coded for “we’re toxic, and require all of your personal time,” or “we need someone who can do anything and everything,” respectively. 

If you know what to avoid, what about what you should look out for? Here are a few green flags you want to see in job descriptions, and what they actually signal about a company. 


If they’re a “fast-growing company,” this position might get you in at the ground level and give you a chance to really make an impact at a company that’s potentially going places. 

If you get the chance to interview, don’t hesistate to ask about the company’s growth plans and dig a little deeper about what they mean by the phrase. 

Salary or salary range

Showing the salary upfront avoids the dreaded waiting game and stops wasting both job seekers’ and recruiters’ precious time.