Disturbing Truths These 15 Corporations Are Hiding From The Public

Many companies have made it their mission to be more sustainable and create more environmentally friendly products, but other companies have misled their customers.

These companies use carefully worded advertisements and misleading claims to make it seem like they are more sustainable than they actually are. This is called “greenwashing.”


In 2019, McDonald's put out a campaign to reduce the number of single-use plastics in its restaurants. The main goal was to replace all of the plastic straws with recyclable paper alternatives.

The new paper straws are not recyclable, though, and their sourcing and manufacturing have also raised some eyebrows. The company is currently looking at other alternatives, such as sippy lids like those used at Starbucks, but those will ultimately be made with plastic as well.

Royal Dutch Shell

Several reports exposed Shell for exploring new oil and gas production opportunities. The company has also only devoted 1% of its long-term investments to low-carbon renewable power.


In 2015, Volkswagen was caught falsifying emissions reports on several lines of its diesel vehicles. The car manufacturer has branded its new line of diesel vehicles as one of the most environmentally conscious options available and allegedly had the data to prove it.


The case of Sea World is one of the most famous and long-running greenwashing scandals. SeaWorld has been under scrutiny for years for the mistreatment of its killer whales.

Several reports from activists, non-governmental organizations, and green groups have claimed that the whales are in poor health, exhibit signs of mental strain, and live in conditions that are not good for their general well-being.

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