How To Keep Your Grocery Spending Under Control

Now, more than ever, people are watching their budgets. People are tightening their belts and watching what they spend. One area that can be controlled is your grocery spending.

There are many creative ways to keep this budget line item tight and still eat well. Some are rather obvious, others not so much.

Using a grocery list is a great way to save money. It keeps you from wandering the store and spending extra on impulse purchases. And, if you stick to that list, it helps ensure you get what you need without wasting food or money.

Make a list and stick with it

While there are some great brand names out there, most of them can be found at a much lower price in the generic section of your favorite grocery store.

Buy generic when possible

Keep an eye on sales to stock up on the items that are best bought fresh such as meat, dairy products, and produce. And remember to check out other stores around town for better prices on these types of groceries.

Buy fresh on sale

Consider frozen vegetables

Frozen veggies are just as healthy for you as fresh ones (sometimes even more so because they are picked when ripe), and many times cheaper!

They are often considered waste products by grocery stores as soon as they are ripe enough to eat. Grab them and use them or freeze them for later!

Buy overripe fruits and vegetables that need to be used immediately

Shop Around

Prices change from store to store, sometimes by enormous margins! Check out ads for different stores in your area and use them to compare pricing.

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